Sartorius signs agreement to acquire Polyplus


Sartorius, a leading provider of laboratory and bioprocessing equipment, recently announced its agreement to acquire Polyplus-transfection®, a renowned biotech company. This strategic move is expected to enhance Sartorius’ bioprocessing portfolio and enable the company to offer innovative solutions for gene and cell therapy manufacturing. In this blog post, we will delve into the key points surrounding Sartorius’ acquisition of Polyplus and the potential implications for the bioprocessing industry.

Key Points:

1. Expanding Bioprocessing Portfolio:

The acquisition of Polyplus enables Sartorius to expand its bioprocessing portfolio and strengthen its position in the rapidly growing fields of gene and cell therapy manufacturing. Polyplus is known for its expertise in transfection reagents, which are essential tools for the delivery of genetic material into cells. By integrating Polyplus’ innovative solutions into its existing offerings, Sartorius can provide a comprehensive range of products for the entire bioprocessing workflow.

2. Enabling Advanced Gene and Cell Therapy Manufacturing:

Gene and cell therapies hold great promise for treating various diseases, but their manufacturing process presents unique challenges. The addition of Polyplus’ transfection reagents to Sartorius’ portfolio will enable the development of more efficient and scalable manufacturing processes for gene and cell therapies. This integration aims to accelerate the translation of these therapies from research to clinical application, ultimately benefiting patients in need.

3. Strengthening Customer Support and Expertise:

Through the acquisition, Sartorius gains access to Polyplus’ experienced team and their deep understanding of transfection technologies. This expertise will enhance Sartorius’ customer support capabilities, allowing the company to closely collaborate with customers on optimizing their bioprocessing workflows. The combined knowledge and resources of both companies will contribute to the advancement of gene and cell therapy manufacturing practices.

4. Driving Innovation and Research in Bioprocessing:

The acquisition signifies commitment to driving innovation in bioprocessing. By integrating Polyplus’ research and development capabilities, Sartorius can further invest in the development of cutting-edge solutions for gene and cell therapy manufacturing. This collaboration may result in advancements such as improved transfection methods, novel delivery systems, and optimized production platforms, which could revolutionize the bioprocessing industry.

5. Potential Impact on the Bioprocessing Industry:

The acquisition of Polyplus by Sartorius is expected to have a significant impact on the bioprocessing industry. It reinforces the importance of innovative technologies in advancing gene and cell therapy manufacturing and further accelerates the development and commercialization of these transformative therapies. The integration of Polyplus’ expertise with Sartorius’ global reach and resources has the potential to drive industry-wide advancements and expand the accessibility of gene and cell therapies.

6. Commitment to Quality and Safety:

As with any developments in the bioprocessing industry, maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety remains paramount. Sartorius’ acquisition of Polyplus emphasizes their dedication to ensuring that bioprocessing technologies and solutions are not only effective but also adhere to rigorous regulatory requirements. This commitment further strengthens the industry’s focus on patient safety while advancing therapeutic innovations.


Sartorius‘ agreement to acquire Polyplus represents a significant step towards expanding its bioprocessing portfolio and solidifying its presence in the gene and cell therapy manufacturing space. By integrating the expertise and innovative solutions of Polyplus, Sartorius aims to drive advancements, enhance customer support, and contribute to the growth of the bioprocessing industry. This strategic move highlights the importance of partnerships and collaborations in advancing therapeutic innovations and underscores Sartorius‘ commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the biotech community.