The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the urgent need for effective diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines. In response, ChemDiv, a leading provider of drug discovery services, has developed the Coronavirus Assays Platform. This innovative platform offers a comprehensive suite of assays specifically designed to support COVID-19 research efforts. In this blog post, we will explore the key points of ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform and its role in revolutionizing COVID-19 research.

Key Points

  1. Comprehensive Assay Portfolio – ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform features an extensive range of assays tailored to meet the diverse needs of COVID-19 research. These assays encompass various stages of research, including screening, target validation, hit identification, and lead optimization. With assays targeting viral proteins, host-virus interactions, immune response, and more, researchers have access to a comprehensive toolkit to assess the efficacy and mechanism of action of potential antiviral compounds.
  2. High-Quality Assay Design – ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform is built upon rigorous assay design principles to ensure accuracy and reliability. The assays are designed using state-of-the-art technologies and validated against established standards, ensuring robust and reproducible data. Attention to assay quality minimizes false-positive or false-negative results, providing researchers with confidence in their findings and enabling faster and more accurate decision-making in COVID-19 drug discovery.
  3. Drug Repurposing Opportunities – ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform offers a unique advantage for drug repurposing efforts. By screening approved drugs or those under development against key targets in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, researchers can rapidly identify potential candidates for repurposing. This approach saves valuable time and resources by leveraging existing knowledge and safety profiles of approved drugs, expediting the path towards effective treatments for COVID-19.
  4. Identification of Novel Antiviral Agents – ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform also enables researchers to screen large libraries of diverse compounds to identify novel antiviral agents. By testing thousands of compounds against key targets or viral replication processes, researchers can uncover new chemical entities with the potential to block viral entry, replication, or other crucial steps in the infection cycle. This approach expands the arsenal of potential therapeutics and increases the likelihood of discovering effective treatments for COVID-19.
  5. Collaboration and Data Sharing – ChemDiv actively encourages collaboration and data sharing within the scientific community. Through their Coronavirus Assays Platform, researchers have the opportunity to collaborate with ChemDiv experts, exchanging knowledge and expertise to accelerate COVID-19 research. This collaborative approach fosters synergy and bolsters global efforts to combat the pandemic, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of the virus and the development of effective interventions.


ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform is revolutionizing COVID-19 research by providing a comprehensive suite of assays for screening, hit identification, and target validation. With a focus on assay quality, drug repurposing opportunities, identification of novel antiviral agents, and a collaborative approach, this platform serves as a catalyst for accelerating the discovery of effective diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines for COVID-19. Through their commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and innovation, ChemDiv plays a pivotal role in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, driving us closer to a future where the virus is effectively controlled and public health is safeguarded.